Airbooster Plus

The clever solution for mobile adaptation of inflation pressure

Characteristics and advantages
  • Tractive power increased by up to 20 %

  • Diesel fuel consumption reduced by up to 10 %

  • Tyre wear reduced by up to 20 %

  • Crop yield increased by up to 6 %

  • Inflating facility by means of tractor and stationary compressor

  • Mix-up of connections impossible

  • Corrosion-resistant material

  • To be easily attached to the standard valve

Scope of delivery
  • Complete set for one tractor (4 wheels)

  • 4 quick-release valves with inside gasket and protection caps

  • Three-way quick-action valves incl. high-quality pressure gauge 0-4 bar
  • Inflating tube with incorporated pressure relief valve

  • Tube coupling head for air supply provided by the tractor

  • Compact carrying case for safe keeping