Grasdorf rear weight

Background and facts

  • The power-to-weight ratio of modern tractors is reduced
  • Utilization of the maximum tractive power, just at a power-to-weight ratio of a minimum of 45-50 kgs/hp
  • Without any ballasting most of the tractors will achieve 30-35 kgs/hp only, partly even less
  • An optimum transmission of the tractive power implies an adequate weight distribution
  • As to the standard tractor, the weight should be distributed as follows: front axle 40 % and rear axle 60 %Just wheel and front weights are often not sufficient
  • Changing tillage equipment will require a flexible adjustment
  • Wheel weights can mostly be used with certain rims and tractor brands only
  • The Grasdorf rear weight is an all-purpose unit, and the total mass may flexibly be adapted

Increased tractive power

Source: Own test run with a 5,8m wide cultivator (3-bars) and a working depth of 15cm



Improved transport capacity