Our special service

Anything else?


Sometimes the standard choice is not satisfactory. In this case, a number of special services are offered with the help of which the Grasdorf wheel may be adapted to your individual requirements, either by additional reinforcement of material to improve the durability or by any measures increasing the comfort and/or the range of application.


    1. Rim flange reinforcement
    • e.g. for vehicles for forestry purposes and liquid manure tanks


      2. Pitch circle reinforcement
      • e.g. to be operated with twin or even three wheels


        3. Additional pitch circles
        • e.g. for fitting dual wheels, attaching wheel loads or sensors


          4. Extra valve protection
          • e.g. for vehicles for forestry purposes and earth-moving machinery


            5. Special offsets
            • Thanks to our high-performance rim press we will be able to produce almost any track width required!