standard wheel

Premium wheel of original equipment quality

  • service life can almost be triplicates by welding on both sides and by using a disk thickness of up to 18 mm

    Additional pitch circle and rim flange reinforcement on demand as well as submerged arc welding for a maximum performance under the most extreme conditions

  • realization of individual track widths

  • Minimum production tolerance due to state-of-the-art CAD design methods and application of high-precision welding robots

  • Paint finishing line certified according to the manufacturers`specifications and application of OEM paint


    The Grasdorf wheel compared to that of our competitor


    The Grasdorf wheel

    • Optimum stability due to welding on both sides
    • Complete painting at the welding seam


    Competitor 1

    • Durability due to pressed in disk
    • Complete painting at welding seam not feasible


    Competitor 2

    • Poor stability due to loosely welded disk
    • Complete painting at welding seam not feasible