Research and development

Always one step ahead!


No progress without research – this is a fact and core element of the business philosophy Grasdorf has adopted for decades already!

Machines the efficiency of which is steadily growing, increasing speeds, better driving comfort and an improved technical equipment of modern utility vehicles will continuously make the demands grow that are made on wheels and wheel technology. As an interface between the vehicle and its ground the wheel is an essential factor as concerns safety and power transmission.


Examples from our wide range of research activities
Rating of rim service life
Slippage and tractive power of worn out tyres
Gauging of dynamic wheel loads by means of the Soil Load Monitor
Test runs for optimizing the tractive power of tractors


Uncompromising quality made in Germany!

Our research projects are comprising any material testing and static load tests required which will provide for constant quality. Our research activities are, however, mainly focusing various application tests  giving us detailed evidence for improving the existing products or for supporting our innovative product development. Accompanied and supported by a number of scientific institutes, such as the Kiel University, IMA Dresden (Materials Research and Application Engineering), Freiburg Technical University, Brunswick Technical University, Hohenheim University, the German Association of Agriculture (DLG) or the Fraunhofer Institute all the results will be taken into account to improve the Grasdorf wheel.